“Married Life”

This painting, for Lauren and I, has come to embody the very real and exciting decision we made to be together for the rest of our lives. It is an artefact that reminds us of our spirit of adventure that we share together; where the varied, irregular moments are relational and the colours emotive.

In our increasingly digitised age, we have come to recognise more and more that objects have meaning. Natasha understands this and her acrylic manifestations of the interpreted physical world contain shape and composition of character and hues of feeling. These elegantly considered abstracted articles take on their own essence and are open to say many things to different people.

Her approach is one of collaborative creativity from an ordered process, addressing each subject with as much sensitivity and patience as rigour and precision. We discovered shared cinematic interests found not only in the melancholy of Pixar’s 2009 film ‘Up’ and the energy of Sony Bravia’s 2010 advert ‘Bouncing Balls’ but the compelling joy of both. We discussed how colour evokes emotion and of compositions that tell compelling stories of appealing and memorable characters.

Lauren and I are so grateful to Natasha for creating a painting that for us, will be both a joyful reminder of our past and a vibrant encouragement for our future together.

All our love,